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Why Whizkins?

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At Whizkins, we believe people who want to turn a gift of creativity into a livelihood should have the opportunity to do so with a sense of security.

Chris McCauley

As an aspiring creative determined to fight the label "employee", you know all too well that building a brand and creative business to a level that can entirely support the lifestyle you want isn't easy. On top of that, creative work from all corners of the world is constantly flooding the Internet, making your fans, clients and customers only a click away from making someone else's dream much more closer to him or her.  In a competitive arena like this, there's no wonder why finding career stability and a steady stream of income as a creative professional can be difficult. 

Through my own attempts and those of friends and family, I noticed an unfortunate lack of easily available information and assistance for aspiring creative professionals. I decided I wanted to do something about it, so I went to school to get my CPA and attorney licenses. Once a practicing attorney and CPA, I started helping creatives with some of their small business questions. You know the ones about filing taxes, licensing ideas, managing money, searching for new opportunities and so on. I soon had my "Aha!" moment, and I built Whizkins as a start to my mission in making running a business easier for creative professionals.

So what is Whizkins? Whizkins is an online community for creatives like you to find ideas, support, resources and people to help make your creative profession more secure. One way I'm doing this with Whizkins is by helping to promote creative works and making answers for your tough business questions only a few clicks away. 

Why business professionals in the community? They have great answers to your tough business questions relating to your creative career. Our business professionals are on Whizkins to help you with:

  • finding the right contracts,

  • suggesting marketing ideas,

  • handling tax issues,

  • managing money,

  • providing tips on working with manufacturing,

  • setting up legal entities,

  • answering questions about protecting artwork,

  • and fielding all your tough business questions about your creative career. 

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