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The Whizkins Platform

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So what is all this? Seems like a lot going on with Whizkins? There is, but don't fret! Whizkins is specifically designed in a way to provide you with the business resouces you'll need for your creative career without your having to spend a lot of money. 


Although Whizkins is new, it leverages a concept related to complex platforms used by business professionals, except the Whizkins platform is specifically designed around the needs of creatives and without the complexity.


Whizkins Preview


Marketplace. Find resources, such as templates, spreadsheets, guides, contracts and more.

Videos and Businesses. To save you time, videos and businesses are located and/or created and shared on the Whizkins platform.

Document Viewer. Allows you to view and download documents, ebooks and more shared by other members.*

Creative Profile. Share with us your story through your profile.

Dashboard. Your dashboard allows you to manage your business resources from one place. 


*Premium feature