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Do you have trouble pinpointing exactly who your customers are?

Are you struggling trying to find out who exactly should be buying your products or services?

Don't you think it would make your life much easier if you had a profile of your ideal customer on hand so whenever you put a new product or service into R&D, you could tailor the product and service exactly to this person to the point they just can't say no?

Well that's what we've put together here. This document is so awesome, and if you put a few hours into creating a solid buyer persona, it will shave hours off your day and put extra bucks in your pocket because you'll no longer have to spend your time throwing darts at a dartboard, hoping to hit a customer here or there.

This is the same buyer persona template we use internally. Yep, we share our secrets...sometimes.

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Your purchase grants you, the purchaser, a single non-commercial license to use this Buyer Person specifically for creating your ideal customer. You may not resell this document, indirectly or directly, to anyone. For purposes of this license, purchaser includes anyone who receives a document for free.

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