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Business Pros, Build Your Client Book Through Whizkins!

You already generate lots of content for other websites, but those well-crafted posts built upon your years of hard work are overshadowed by the likes of mega-funny, popular videos.

On Whizkins, now your work can get the attention it deserves from creatives who value your input. Our creative entrepreneurs are on Whizkins because they want your content and input. No more of your hard work has to fight a losing fight against cute pandas videos.

How does it work? Check out below:

Basic Steps

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After a creative entrepreneur links up to you, be sure to provide them with your expert advice on the tools, plans and ideas they'll need to be successful. Your content automatically appears in their management advice feeds.

If you have a great way for lowering costs, share it and then offer to provide that service! Have a great way for increasing market share? Put it in a blog, they'll find it and ask you about it. The key idea: share content that will help creative entrepreneurs grow their reputation! We'll help with the rest of the work.

What's also cool about Whizkins is that you can provide your services and products directly on the platform. Check out this example from Law on the Runway: Consultation Hour - Worksheet Assistance. You can have your own store for selling books, research papers, documents and other tools. Excited yet? Let's get you started...