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Our Pledge

We are pleased with your interest in Whizkins and the opportunity to serve you. We understand your concern for your privacy and your data and want to provide you confidence that your information is protected from unauthorized disclosures.

Therefore, we pledge the following prior to your joining Whizkins as a valued member:

  • We agree not to directly use any of your private, confidential or proprietary information for our own benefit or for the benefit of any other person, firm or corporation.

  • We agree to protect and keep confidential: trade secrets, other confidential and proprietary information, and data disclosed by you. All items shared directly with Whizkins in the course of our services that need to be kept confidential will be labeled proprietary or confidential and disclosed in writing or communicated as confidential if orally, verbally or visually disclosed. After five (5) years, we will destroy all individual data submitted. Only compiled data will be saved.

  • Our website is a secured website allowing confidential information to be entered.

  • We process all payments through PayPal's secure payment gateway and secure our website with a Comodo SSL Certificate.

  • We agree to not sell any of your private data.

  • All paper data received (via fax or mail) is destroyed six (6) months after completion of any work.

  • Only selected individuals within our Whizkins Team have access to the applications necessary to review and analyze the data, all of whom will be directed and required to maintain the disclosed subject matter in confidence with the stated nondisclosure rules of this pledge. 

We accept the above upon the understanding that we would not be liable for the disclosure or use of the your, or your company's, proprietary or confidential information or trade secrets which are already in the public domain, or until such time that they are placed in the public domain by any party other than us. 



Chris McCauley, Founder

Effective: February 19, 2014