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Aaron's Attic

Aaron's Attic

"We got everything we needed to get up and running from Whizkins. I don't think it could have been any easier." - Aaron

Opportunity: As a serial entrepreneur, Aaron decided to take his talent in sales straight to retail by opening a second hand shop and becoming a mainstay in his community. With a lot of time being dedicated to sourcing products, Aaron needed an extra hand in getting the right permits, licenses, contracts and plans in place. That's when Aaron turned to Whizkins to help create Aaron's Attic

Solution: What Aaron needed was source of information about organizing a new LLC, finding the right permits, handling employees, budgeting and more. After learning about Whizkins, Aaron signed up and received information about LLCs, tips on hiring employees, employee policies, tax tips and a lot more. Now Whizkins is only a few clicks away of providing more information.

Today: Aaron's attic is still growing, and Whizkins will be available to handle the additional pressing needs that come along with a growing organization..

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Aaron's Attic

Zone Athletic Performance

"We were interested in finding growth opportunities. Whizkins was there to help us put together some ideas." - Adam

Opportunity: Adam Mathis is the Head Coach over at Zone AP, and he was looking for a few new ideas for marketing, products and services. With a business schedule that consists of helping high performance athlete sculpt their bodies into unbelievable shape, Adam hardly has time to research the Arizona market or industry. That's when he turned to Whizkins.

Solution: Even as a well-known, high-performance athletic facility in Arizona, Zone AP still wanted to growth. To help, Whizkins provided Zone AP with an analysis of the current gym market in Scottsdale, AZ, other competitors in the state and trends. This information was condensed into easy-to-read handouts for Adam to quickly sort through. This way, Adam continued to focus on clients while getting the information he wanted.

Today: Zone AP is still pulling down big name clients and rapidly growing and keeps connected to Whizkins for help on those one off questions that pop up. 

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