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Vintage White Flip Clock

Made by Boxtclox

[Vintage White Flip Clock by Boxtclox, Retail Price: $300.00]

At first glance, you can instantly tell this isn't an ordinary clock. So what makes it different? Besides being the only one like it, it's a piece meticulously put together by Peter Harris, founder of Boxtclox, that focuses on the mechanisms, gears and motors behind a vintage flip clock. This particular white flip clock is an "early 60's Pennsylvania manufactured Pennwood Numechron roll-style clock mechanism installed in a well-loved wooden CLEANORA hand-soap box." It measures 7.5"w x 6"h x 5"d, so it would be great for a desk, bookshelf or counter area. Boxtclox offers a handful of other original flip clocks, and you can read more about this one and others by clicking here

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