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Berkshire Pencil and Brush Roll &

Old Timer Tool Roll

Handcrafted by Red Clouds Collective

[The Berkshire Pencil and Brush Roll (Retail: $119.00) by Red Clouds Collective]

Still looking for that perfect carrying case for your colored pencils, brushes and other tools? Say hello to Red Clouds Collective, a Portland-based company of makers that focuses on creating products that are practical, durable and stylish. These makers believe each piece of work that comes out of their shop is an extension of their own rugged, adventurous lifestyles. 

As a creative professional, keeping your tools maintained and clean is critical. So what better way to make sure they're protected than with a well-made tool roll? Red Clouds Collective has two I want to introduce to you today. 

The first roll is the Berkshire Pencil and Brush Roll (see above). It's made with 10oz single fill duck canvas that's water-repellant, which could come in handy when working through your 6th cup of coffee at 2a int he morning. What's unique about this roll is that it comes with colored pencils and brushes. That's right! Your pencil and brush roll comes fully stocked. You get 24 "artist approved" colored pencils and 12 white nylon artist brushes with wooden handles. The brush sizes are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, and you get a flat and round brush for each. Have your own favorited brushes and colored pencils? No worries. There are 16 slots in total, and you can fill it up with your supplies.



[Old Timer Tool Roll (Retail: $56.00) by Red Clouds Collective]

The second roll is the Old Timer Tool Roll (see directly above). It's a simple, straight-to-the-point tool roll made of thick, durable suede. You can fill it with pencils, brushes, woodworking tools and more. Whatever you need for creating your work. Like the Berkshire Pencil and Brush Roll, the Old Timer is also handmade in Portland, OR. For more goods by Red Clouds Collective, just visit them here

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