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San Francisco Shadowbox

Handmade by Sparrow and Sundry

Sparrow and Sundry

[San Francisco Shadowbox with LED by Sparrow and Sundry, Retail: $46.00]

Earlier this month, I swung by Maker Faire 2015 at the San Mateo Event Center down in the SF Bay Area. In the shadows of all the steampunk, robots and 3D printers was the craft fair (wished they had a bigger area!). After making a few strolls up and down the aisles, I stumbled upon the shadowboxes by Sparrow and Sundry, a Portland-based company founded by Jennifer Amos. Although I've seen plenty of shadowboxes before, the ones created by Sparrow and Sundry caught my eye. They're about 3" tall, 3" wide and 1.75" deep and come with little LED lights. The detail and color behind the 3/8" plexiglass fixed to the front of the shadowbox was amazing.

Sparrow and Sundry

[Seattle Shadowbox with LED by Sparrow and Sundry, Retail: $46.00]

Each shadowbox is made in Jennifer's workshop from sunstainably harvested and scrap wood. The details are cut with lasers, leaving the edges slightly darken and allowing each scene to pop with colors under the LED light. For added effect and color, Jennifer uses 1mm microbeads, which provides a shimmering liquid effect under the LED light. Just check out the scenes for San Francisco, Seattle and New York city provided in the images above and below. 

Sparrow and Sundry - New York

For the most part, the shadowboxes seem to zero in on the Pacific Northwest, BUT you can have Jennifer create an entirely customized shadowbox for your own special occasion, such as a wedding, birthday or community. How great is that! To learn more about Sparrow and Sundry and check out more creative products, visit its website here
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