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The Orville Tool Roll

Handcrafted by Sturdy Brothers

[The Orville Tool Roll by Sturdy Brothers, Retail Price: $72.00]

No matter the profession, tools are being used to help get a job done, be it painting a landscape, amortizing a loan or making a handbag. As a creative, tools can become part of the vessel in which your creativity flows, which means they have to be taken care of - but I know you already know that.

What you may not know, however, is that Sturdy Brothers, a Georgia-based waxed canvas and leather goods workshop, has created a waxed canvas tool roll to help protect the tools you love. This roll is made of heavy duty waxed canvas and can take the toughest of beatings (but I urge you not to beat up your stylish tool roll). Each roll comes with 12 pockets, allowing you to fit an assortment of necessary tools, such as paint brushes, awls, markers, pens, screwdrivers and so much more. 

[The Orville Tool Roll by Sturdy Brothers, Retail Price: $72.00]

The 12 oz canvas body closes with either a nylon or leather strap (your choice) and measures 17" by 22". When rolled, it can fit neatly into a backpack, satchel or extremely large cargo pants pockets. With a simple fold and snap, you can protect and carry the items needed to help express your creativity. Sturdy Brothers also has other items you'll love as a maker, check them out here.  
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