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Today's Creative Product

The Ramen Poster

Designed by Fanny Cheuk Chu


Like many people, I had my fair share of Maruchan and Top Ramen, mostly during college, law school and even while getting Whizkins up and running, but it wasn't until I started getting around the food circuit in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle that I saw the full potential ramen dishes could have. Thanks to Fanny Cheuk Chu, a self-proclaimed "noodle freak" and graphic desigenr, you can also see the potential ramen has, and admire the level of passion Fanny has for ramen, through her Ramen Poster.

This ramen poster boasts 25 different ramen dishes. Each one allowing you to explore ramen in a variety of ways that still pay homage to Japan. As of today, May 21, 2015, Fanny currently has a Kickstarter campaign running where you can purchase in advance a copy of your very own Ramen Poster for a pledge of $27.00. Check it out here. For more information on Fanny and her love of ramen, you can visit her blog.


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