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Fused Glass Wine Bottle Holder

Handcrafted by Jaime Marr (JM Fusions)

[Fused Glass Wine Bottle Holder by JM Fusions, Retail: $130.00]

As I've gotten older, I'm come to realize a couple of things about wine. The first is that showing up with a box of wine is generally not acceptable on any occasion (if you want to be taken seriously), and the second is that properly storing your wine makes you look like a responsible adult. I'm thinking there's probably no better way to let society, friends and family know you arrived at adulthood than by storing your wine with glass art. Now that's next level kind of maturity where even your parents might say, "impressive." There's a slight catch, however. When they ask about your new fused glass wine bottle holder from JM Fusions, you'll need to be prepared to explain what you have. So let's take a closer look at it. 


[Fused Glass Wine Bottle Holder by JM Fusions, Retail: $130.00]

First let your guests know that this original, handmade piece by Jaime Marr, founder of JM Fusions, is made from transparent sea glass that has bubbles enclosed within a frosted strip surrounded by beautiful sea green glass. Be sure to mention the bubbles were intentionally placed within the frosted strip through a special technique used by Jaime. The base of your fused glass wine bottle holder is entirely made of solid birch that has been sanded and whitewashed to give it that distressed look. Combined, you have an equisite piece of fused glass art work that happens to hold a wine bottle. (Note: the base holds a standard wine bottle, but it can be enlarged for champagne or non-standard wine bottles upon request.) 

[Fused Glass Wine Bottle Holder by JM Fusions, Retail: $130.00]

By now, you're probably envisioning this wine bottle at home and wondering how big it is. The entire fused glass wine holder measures approximate 14" long, 8" tall and 4" wide. It's the perfect size for a dining table, bookshelf or bar or kitchen counter. What's great about this piece is that if you're not feeling the sea green glass or whitewashed base, you can simply request the colors your heart desires. If you really want to take this wine bottle holder a step further for a gift, you can add personalized engraved plates. For more wine bottle holders and other pieces of work by Jaime, check out


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