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DIY Stamp Carving Kit

Created by Yellow Owl Workshop

[DIY Stamp Carving Kit by Yellow Owl Workshop, Retail Price: $30.00]

Now I'm not the type to add decoration to letters, envelopes or any other type of stationery, but I know there are a lot of people out there who are. So today's creative product goes out to those who appreciate the little decorative details when it comes to handwritten communication. 

[DIY Stamp Carving Kit by Yellow Owl Workshop, Retail Price: $30.00]

I know what you're thinking, "me, carve my own stamps?" Well, yes, and it's not as much of a pain as you might think. In your official Yellow Owl Workshop Carve-A-Stamp Kit, you'll get everything you need for carving your own rubber stamps. Each kit includes:

  • 25 original templates
  • Block with two rubber sides for carving
  • Carving tool with multiple blades
  • All purpose ink pad
  • Muslin keepsake bag
  • Instructional guide

And just like that, you would have everything to start and finish making your own rubber stamps. Just follow the fail-proof instructions included in your kit, and you should be golden.

Your kit includes templates for stamps, but you're able to create whatever types of stamps you want. So that personal logo you've been secretly doodling on notepads and bathroom stalls around your city can now become a stamp.

So who is behind these kits? Well, no other than Christine Schmidt, the creative mastermind behind the San Francisco-based Yellow Owl Workshop. After a few stints in the Midwest and the Northeast, she finally landed in San Francisco, where she gave life to Yellow Owl Workshop and has been growing it since.

In addition to the carve-a-stamp kits, Yellow Owl also offers an assortment of greeting cards, party kits, gift tags and a lot more items to add personalized fun to your favorite occasions. Now that you're interested, you can learn more about Yellow Owl by visiting it here.
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