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Who's Your Favorite Artist? (These 21 Artists Share Their Favorites.) 

Dali, Picasso, De Chirico

(L - R) Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Giorgio De Chirico Photo: Rex Features

1. Jim Gerlitz, Painter (Seattle, WA)

SargentDiebenkornVan Gogh...I think my favorite has to be Degas. I love his response regarding a fellow artist who stated that he had found his true style at last. Said Degas, "I'm glad I haven't found my style yet. I'd be bored to death." Kind of comforting to those of us who are frustrated because our "style" keeps changing!

2. Emily Fromm, Painter (San Francisco, CA)

I’m a huge fan of Shel SilversteinBarry McGeeMargaret Kilgallen… One of my favorite artists is the animator Max Fleischer who made cartoons in the 30s-50s. I really admire graphic novelists like Daniel ClowesAdrian Tomine and Charles Burns. I feel inclined to include Charles Bukowski on this list… I admire his ability to convey just about anything without bullshit or pretentiousness, and I think that notion strongly influenced my work.

3. Jen Hardwick, Mixed Media Artist (Seattle, WA)

Gerard CollasBill Skrips and Louise Nevelson are just a few of the assemblage artists that I admire and respect.

4. Christie Smith, Fine Artist and Owner of Unleashed Art Gallery (Redwood City, CA)

Valerie Giessinger ScottAndrew SalgadoAelita Andre and Mary Souza.

5. Frances Marin, Fine Art, Illustrator and Designer (San Jose, CA)

I admire the independence and work of Georgia O’Keeffe. I saw a few of her works in person when I was 10 and have been mesmerized since. I love Raymond PettibonMaira KalmanHorace Pippin,Mamma AnderssonMatthias WeischerNathaniel RussellKaren BarbourAngela DalingerLisa Congdon and I will just stop there. There are too many to name. I like art that is not only beautiful, but also mysterious, has a sense of humor or makes you think.

6. Amy Prindle, 2-D Artist (Walnut Creek, CA)

One of my absolute favorite artists is Marilyn Minter because she uses a mix of figures, photography, paint, fashion, erotica, and boldness to define her work.

7. Jillian Mazur, Fine Artist (Oakland, MD)

I love teaching art history to my students so I’m constantly reminded of the masters. Some of my favorite painters are Gustav KlimtJohn Singer Sargent, and so many more.

8. Masha Reutovski, Jewelry Artist (Seattle, WA)

Two creatives that I love I both randomly found on Etsy. They are both small jewelry makers in Israel and have gorgeous minimalist jewelry but a slightly different angle: Knobbly and Artemer.

9. Yaz, Multimedia Artist (Sacramento, CA)

Of course the past greats. Matisse, particularly his multi colored people. His work has had a great influence on my abstract portraits. I also admire Picasso's work, specifically his "Blue Period", which has pressed me to experiment with vibrant colors.

10. Lake Lady, Songwriter (Oakland, CA)

Oh, so many… I love Michael Jackson, Enya, Billie Holiday, Nick Drake, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and Loreena McKennit for being so timeless and universal. I admire Carole King, Sia, Pink, and Sarah McLachlan for their songwriting careers, Yann Tiersen for the Amelie soundtrack and Bjork, Zoe Deschanel, and Lady Gaga for staying true to themselves. I also really respect Taylor Swift for standing up for musicians’ rights and making a statement about the devaluation of our work.

11. Robert vonKepner (California)

Norman RockwellLeonardo da'VinciMichelangelo, and Rembrandt.

12. Fernando Millan, Stencil and Street Artist (Oregon)

I really look up to all the artists in the stencil world and have a lot of love and respect for others who can sit there and put in hours and hours cutting holes in paper. Some of those many artists include Brian Cummings, Base45, Joshua Smith, Steven Hamilton, E.L.K, Jay Medlen, Joe Iurato, Stenzskull, David Soukup, Logan Hicks, Luis Tereso, C215, Penny, Snik, and 23rd Key.

13. Katie Kurkjy, Sculptor (Seattle, WA)

I have always loved the work of Alexander Calder. As a sculptor he had amazing vision, came up with innovative ideas and created work that I have always found intriguing while being extremely peaceful. I also have extreme respect for all luthiers, and woodworkers in general. The care and craftsmanship that goes into anything that has been handcrafted from wood always impresses me.

14. David Roy, Fine Artist and Wood Carver (Sedro Woolley, WA)

My favorite artist is the late Sydney Laurence, the painter of Mt. McKinley, AK.

15. Kyle Sturner, Visual Artist and Musician, (Seattle, WA)

There are SO many amazingly creative people in the world. Right now I really love the visual art of Pawel Kuczynski’s, Aleta Welling, Brienna McLaughlin Pruce, Nychos and of course the greats like Dali & Frida. As far as music, I tend to be drawn towards the outspoken and the eccentric; Shirley Manson, Amanda Palmer, Brody Dalle, Patti Smith, Marilyn Manson, Kathleen Hannah. The list could go on and on really, I love what Lena Dunham is doing with her career and how intensely honest she is. I respect any creative person that is passionate about doing what they love and pushing beyond whatever opposing forces they come up against.

16. Candace Hopkins, Fine Artist & Beyond Canvas Founder (San Francisco, CA)

Alla Parsons and Hanadi Istanboli. Two wonderful artists and friends of mine who are both talented and dedicated. I respect my past professors and think of them often. I respect every person who chooses to put art first because they love it.

17. Kim Williams, I Bambini Founder (Scott AFB)

I have always loved Fossil and Free People's designs.

18. Cristine Karapetyan, Graphic Designer (Chatsworth, CA)

I admire a lot of my professors that have taught me well and encouraged me to keep at my artwork. To name a few, Curtis Stage, a fantastic photographer and designer has helped me learn so much and has always understood when I’ve been ill. I also absolutely love the work of another professor, Jon Measures. He collages his work onto wooden panels and I can’t wait until the day I can afford to buy one because they’re just so perfect! 


19. John Bartkowiak, Fine Artist (Oakland, CA)

Well, I love color, especially bold colors, and I'm always returning to the masters like Matisse and Van Gogh. Lately, I've been looking at a lot of Richard Diebenkorn's earlier abstract work. He was another master colorist.

20. Lizzie Karr, Musician and Dancer (Oakland, CA)

Ani Difranco had a big influence when I was learning to play guitar and write lyrics. She's fearless. Stevie Wonder writes and plays with more love than anybody. The Black Keys are production geniuses. Sebastien Tellier is a new favorite. And Banks is currently on repeat most often when I'm driving to work.

21. Matthew Lewis, Illustrator (Seattle, WA)

Recently, I’ve realized that some of my biggest creative influences all have last names starting with “B”. So, I’ll share those. Painters: Wayne Barlowe, Brom, Beksinski, Francis Bacon. Writers: Clive Barker and Algernon Blackwood. I love the subject matters they all tackle and how they present them to the world. I also admire the work and career paths of Joao Ruas and James Jean. They both got commercial breaks doing covers for the comic book Fables. From there (or, before) they’ve done various design and illustration work for clients around the world. Then, they progressed into a more “fine-art” space. These days, they seem to wake up and do (create) what they want, every damn day. I want that life… generating content I enjoy for people around the world, ad infintum.

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