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Patches the Pony

Handmade by Simply Hooked

Simply Hooked - Patches

[Patches the Pony by Simply Hooked]

Browsing through Twitter the other day, and I stumbled upon Simply Hooked, and I got...well...simply hooked...on Marcy's amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting little animals and other things. What caught my eye was Rudy (shown below), and I started checking out the rest of Marcy's work. (Marcy's the creative behind Simply Hooked, and it started all as a hobby and turned into a full blown passion). 

Simply Hooked - Rudy

[Rudy the Reindeer by Simply Hooked]

After checking out Rudy, I ran across Patches and his red coat with his chocolate mane. He's made from non-allergenic acrylic yarn and stuffed with non-allergenic polyfil fibers, which makes him a perfect gift for little humans. Fortunately, Marcy doesn't stop at Patches or Rudy. She has a whole collection available for you to build. Just say hello to...

Daisy the Duckling

Simply Hooked - Daisy

[via Simply Hooked]

Georgia the Giraffe

Simply Hooked - Georgia

[via Simply Hooked]

Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Simply Hooked - Hungry Hungry Hippos

[via Simply Hooked]

To meet even more members of the cast of Simply Hooked, just follow this link

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