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Candace Hopkins, Artist & Beyond Canvas Founder

(San Francisco, CA)

[Beyond Canvas art class taught in San Francisco, CA]

1. So what’s your story?

  • Age: 27
  • Hometown: Warner Robins, GA
  • Current City of Residence: San Francisco, CA
  • Area of Expertise: Fine Art, Expertise in Painting
  • How did you get started? The first time my dad taught me to draw a rainbow I was hooked!


[by Candace Hopkins]

2. What helps to keep you motivated?

Good question! The ability to project good or bad feels on canvas keeps me motivated. I can have the weirdest or most inspiring thoughts where everything "makes sense", and the world seems and feels brighter while I'm painting. This "secret world" keeps me going back.

3. When you’re creating, where do you get your inspiration?

They mostly stem from past or present relationships - both wonderful and bad. Love, heartbreak and fears. I take the things that make me feel the most and try to replicate something symbolic from it, get it out and move on (not necessarily representational).


[Beyond Canvas Art Studio]

4. What are some words that you live and work by?

Never do anything other than what you love.

[Beyond Canvas setup]

5. Who are some of the artists you admire and respect?

Alla Parsons and Hanadi Istanboli. Two wonderful artists and friends of mine who are both talented and dedicated. I respect my past professors and think of them often. I respect every person who chooses to put art first because they love it.


[by Candace Hopkins]

6. When do you know you’re finished with a piece?

Occasionally I will decide a painting or drawing is done when something feels right from the very beginning and there is good energy. The painting sometimes has a definite (positive) stopping point. It is rare that I am 100% satisfied, but once I start making extremely minor changes over and over I usually choose to stop and work on another piece.

[by Candace Hopkins]

7. Any tips for other creatives in your area of expertise?

Yes, for beginners - I usually try to cover the canvas first and dont get too detailed in anything right away. The second you might even think you could be getting sucked into overworking a part of a painting stop immediately, walk away and come back to a different part later. Keep the painting fresh in your eyes, don't let them get used to what you are working on.


[Beyond Canvas art class as Bob Ross]

8. Do you have any upcoming performances, shows, exhibits, releases, new products or publications we should check out?

Yes, I am just starting to do personal work again (along with commissions) - oil and watercolor paintings. I am re-launching my personal website,, which may not be active yet. I'm also the founder of Beyond Canvas, which offers ongoing instructional painting workshops for corporate events, private parties and individuals looking for their inner artists. Workshops can be found here.


[by Candace Hopkins]

9. What’s the best way for people to contact you for hire or purchase any of your work or services?

You can email me directly at or info@beyondcanvas. You can also call my company office (Beyond Canvas) at 415-286-5503 and ask for Candace regarding personal work or projects.

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