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About Whizkins

We're an All-in-One Marketplace Dedicated to You, the Creative Entrepreneur.

The creative process takes up a lot of your valuable time. Don't lose hours scouring hundreds of websites for answers, resources and experts for your business questions. Now, with one website dedicated to creative professionals, you can:

  • Connect with friendly business experts,

  • Get answers to all your business questions,

  • Receive live assistance from the experts,

  • Read helpful content and updates from experts,

  • Instantly receive expert recommended resources and tools,

  • Download business resources and

  • Connect with other inspiring creatives.

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More about my story...

For anyone who wants to make a living doing something they love, getting started shouldn't be so scary, difficult, stressful and tiresome. Unfortunately, it is. 

So I set out to find a way to make building a career on a passion simple, less scary and more affordable. What I came up with is Whizkins. A website that is dedicated to actively helping creatives from all backgrounds nurture their ideas through the support of business professionals.


Why was Whizkins created?

I know creatives work hard, and having a comfortable living from creative work alone can be difficult to obtain. So I created Whizkins to make getting affordable resources, opportunities, advice and support easier for people who want to seriously launch their creative careers.

My Vision

My vision is to make pursuing a passion a little more profitable, easier and fun, so you can spend more time creating. The market is flooded with countless websites, layers of information and ridiculous feeds of data that make trying to manage the business aspects of a creative career overwhelming. I built Whizkins to simplify the process.

Behind Whizkins

Chris McCauley, Founder and CEO

Chris is the Founder of Whizkins, and like many Millennials, Chris has worked all over the place, trying to find somewhere to fulfill his burning passion to help people with their business ideas. After several degrees, countless cities to call home (Houston, New Orleans, Charlotte, Seattle, Birmingham, Nashville, Baton Rouge, Shreveport and now all over the Bay Area) and stints at a CPA firm, law firm, corporation and nonprofit and a couple of small businesses, he finally realized it was time to share everything he has learned with entrepreneurs and creatives. Ta-da! Whizkins.


"Growing up, my family didn't have access to, or the funds to hire, attorneys, CPAs or other business professionals to help with my business ideas, so my ideas sat and collected dust. It was this problem that inspired me to earn a CPA license and become an attorney. My goal with Whizkins is to make sure no other families with creative entrepreneurs in them have the same problem I had. I believe there shouldn't be barriers between great ideas created by hardworking people and high quality professionals that can help bring those ideas to life and keep them alive. "

- Chris, Founder of Whizkins


Check out more of Chris's background here

Friends and Family Members Who Support Whizkins

Kendal Buie, Harrison Lewis, Beth Godfrey, Chad McCauley and other patient family members, Clay Thornton, and a few others.