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Meet Joe!

He's an entrepreneur with a passion just like you!

But there’s a slight problem!

Joe is on a tight budget, has zero free time and knows he needs help with:

  • raising money,
  • paying taxes,
  • complying with laws,
  • managing employees,
  • creating his website,
  • keeping expenses low and
  • a whole lot of other things.

He gets super frustrated!

Although Joe wants to do everything by himself to save money and show he can do it, he really knows he should get management help.

With the workload quickly stacking up, Joe knows he needs that help soon - without having to spend a lot of money!

Joe, there's a better way!

Joe discovers Whizkins, a brand new type of web site by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that provides everything he needs for his business.

In one website, Joe can instantly:

  • talk with industry pros,
  • share tips with industry peers,
  • solve his toughest problems,
  • download business documents,
  • find money-making resources and
  • stay on top of his industry.

Joe and his bakery!

With Whizkins, Joe got his bake shop running, and as a member, he gets the best ideas on how to:

  • make customers happy,
  • make more money,
  • cut costs of doing business,
  • avoid expensive lawsuits,
  • find new opportunities to do business, and
  • find inexpensive ways to fund growth.

How does Joe use Whizkins? Here's a dashboard sneak peek:

Joe easily manages his profitable solutions from a single dashboard.

This is how Joe shares his story with other entrepreneurs:

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Joe uses these money-making resources to stay on top of his business:

Now it's your turn!

Here's what other members are saying about Whizkins!

“Whizkins has made work less stressful. We get ideas, tips and advice from everywhere. It's great for our small business and customers.”

- Adam M., General Manager
Zone Athletic Performance

"We got everything we needed to get up and running from Whizkins. I don't think it could have been any easier."

- Aaron H., Owner
Aaron's Attic
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