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Beyond Canvas

Indoor and outdoor painting workshops, events and classes by Candace Hopkins, artist and founder (San Francisco, CA).

Lizzie Karr Music

Singer, songwriter, choreographer and dancer based out of Oakland, CA.

[Lizzie in our Creative Corner.]

Cake Therapy

Gluten free baking mixes with grain free & sugar free options created by Monica Espinoza (San Jose, CA).

Jonathan Westfall

Singer, songwriter, composer and arranger based in San Francisco Bay Area.

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Law on the Runway, Founder

Law on the Runway helps create and grow clients' business ventures, creative endeavors, and branding exploits.

Doug Bouton, Esq.

Entrepreneur and founding partner of Bouton Legal, specializing in working with entrepreneurs and entertainers.

PatentFile, Founder

PatentFile offers several discounted services to help you get "patent pending" and secure a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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Whizkins Blog Post

The Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Business.

Have you decided to start a business? Maybe you've already started a business, and you're just curious if you've asked these questions (that's OK too). Either way, these questions are important and should be carefully considered as they will become the vision you'll use for measuring progress:

  • 1. What do I want my day-to-day activities to look like when I run a business?
  • 2. What do I want my life to look like when I run a business?
  • 3. How much time will I need to commit to my family to ensure my personal relationships stay strong?
  • 4. How would I like to be perceived by others in the community?

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How to Start a Business Guide for Creatives

The first steps for starting a business is one of the most critical periods in the entire life cycle of a business. So of course it will be one of the most difficult parts to navigate. In this free guide, read about some of the common pitfalls entrepreneurs encounter and discover easy ways to prevent them.

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